Confessions of a Workaholic

I love to work. I cannot sit still. I go to sleep with my laptop and wake up with it. That is the only constant relationship I have had in my life. There is an on going train of thought choo chooing in my head that refuses to stop. I used to feel a sense of pride beaming through me when people used to call me a workaholic. Because doesnt “Workaholic” sound like such a badge of honor?

“Ooh you are such a workaholic. You accomplish so much” “You worked more than 40 hours a week?! Wow the kickback must be great!” Yes! it is great. The satisfaction from the results of your hard work? The money? It pumps adrenaline through your veins.

But you know what is not great? The baggage that comes with the tag “Workaholic”. The unhealthy habits, the lack of self control, the incessant need to over achieve. When you think about the long term results, they are really detrimental.

Can you imagine trying to go to sleep with one part of your brain always on active mode? And it’s not even just the working class. Its the students too. Some kids over commit themselves to validate their existence. I used to work at nights while managing college work during day time. It was like an addiction. And now I know that it wasn’t the good kind. Because it led to these:

Health deterioration: I cannot start counting the number of health issues that will manifest in your life. I forget to eat, shower, sleep when I am working. I am constantly glued to the screen. And if that doesn’t sound bad, Insomnia and migranes are also a part of the package.

A Monotonous Life: There is a very thin line between passion and addiction. Passion gives you a sense of fulfilment; Addiction robs you of the joy. It replaces the joy of fulfillment with frustration, stress and sleepless exhaustion. It enslaves you to the shackles of work.

Strained Relationships: Adding to my already pain in the ass social intorvertedness, workaholism strains your relationships. Apart from being a grumpy snob, now you dont have friends too. You know why? Because Work becomes such a priority that everything else takes a backseat. But I must say I am lucky enough to have friends who check up on me from time to time.

So if you think you can’t hit the pause button because you feel pressured to achieve security and stability, you feel you have enough strength to keep going and that you have to prove yourself.. Just rememeber.. Resting is not a crime. Its ok to rest, breathe and proritise your needs before your work.

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