A Tryst with Creative Block…

You will go through days where you think you have everything under control and then you will go through days where you have no idea what is going on and where is your life headed. Self doubt is toxic and doesn’t get you anywhere. It does nothing but hinder your progress. So go out.. Take a breather and hang in there..

Remember the self loathing questions that start creeping at the back of your mind regarding your self worth when new ideas refuse to pop up and you find yourself wrapped in the arms of anxiety? That’s what a Creative Block does to you. It is one of the most haunting things any creative can ever face in their career and I am no stranger to that. I have had my share of frustration and anxiety when the blank white page hauntingly stares back at you as you desperately try to come up with something.

And anyone who says they never encountered this “so called myth” are just kidding themselves. Because, you are only Human. Everyone goes through a phase of non creativity where your anxiety suffocates the bejesus out of you. It’s just the way you handle it that makes it different.

To be honest, I was really bad at handling Creative Blocks. I cannot recall the countless number of sleepless nights I had spent with a pen and diary trying to get my thoughts in place. And trust me none of that yoga meditation crap works (atleast for me). Because Creative block isn’t about inner peace, it is about the stage of stagnation one reaches in terms of ideas and thoughts. And the only way to overcome it is to give your brain cells a time out. A much required breather. Because sometimes when you do nothing, you brain does a lot of things.

During my Tryst with Creative Block, I found these the most helpful:

  1. Clear your mind of self doubt: Always remember “Thoughts become things” and what you think on the inside manifests on the outside. A good headspace is very important for new ideas to develop.
  2. Swap the Pencil: Dont pickup a pencil. Pick up a book. Read and read and read. And oh I cannot stress enough on this. Reading opens up your mind to new possibilities and ideas because when you read the words, you picturise it in your head. It is a very good exercise which boosts your imagination.
  3. Scribble: Reading and Scribbling go hand in hand. Scribble anything. A rough idea, a thought, a sentence. It is like a seed which you need to nurture and develop.
  4. Find New Inspiration: Inspiration doesnt have to be an artist. It can be an object, a place, a feeling, a colour. Inspiration can be anything. Anything that sparks the inner working of your brain. Anything that makes you want to create.

And lastly, the most cliched but the most effective,


OMG! I know it feels like the end of the world and no amount of alcohol, coffee or Mary Jane is kickstarting the creative side of your brain. Guess what? Just take a nap. Its not the end of the world. It is just a phase and it will pass. Just let go. And you you will see how easy all of it really was….

Published by Diya Sengupta

I draw, write and read to keep my sanity

One thought on “A Tryst with Creative Block…

  1. There are times in everyone’s life when the mind just seems to go ‘ phut’ …no new creative thoughts ….mainly because the mind gets obsessed with a thought it refuses to let go…that’s the time you need a break…a break from the routine to break the routine flow of thoughts….before you pick up the pencil…tickle the mind..it’s only once the thought starts flowing the pencil stars moving…..yes scribbling helps..
    Helps in connecting the dots…
    Beautiful read…


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